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Unique Accomplishments

George Berlin & MEM Representing USA

George Berlin & MEM Representing USA


The Emil Bach House Restoration Documentary:

Be The Band - DuPage Children's Museum
Be The Conductor - DuPage Children's Museum


Custom Designed Film Scores Performed Live for:

Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano & Percussion

SOSF 2019 - Featured Composer - Donny Walker 'Word Games'
Access Contemporary Music 2018 - Sound of Silent Film Festival.jpg
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2019 Live Film Score Festival

2018 Live Film Score Festival

2017 Live Film Score Festival

70 Brass Musicians, 1 drummer, 1 conductor, 3 Tiered Antiphonal Brass Choir Design,

Modern Arrangements of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Film Noir, Video Game Music & More


2018 Country Club Gala Fundraiser for LCSO’s 2019 Concert Season:

Pop & Jazz Standards Re-Adapted in 1920’s Dance Band Fashion For Orchestra & Jazz Combo.

Maestro Ron Arden Conducts the LCSO Featuring Percussion Soloist Josh Williamson:

World Music Percussion Concerto: One Percussionist playing 70 instruments

Featuring Clarinet Soloist Nicholas Carlson, This Clarinet Concerto Was a Huge Hit!

Fantasy For Clarinet & Orchestra - Album Artwork copy.jpg

Kids Concert Poster.JPG